This mandatory Procedure has been developed to ensure all HIX Group Staff, our clients and the public remain safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic and it is effective immediately. This procedure is to be followed when attending any Client premises to complete electrical and plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance during the COVID-19 pandemic. As per our usual process – Scheduled appointments will take priority over non-scheduled appointments.


  • Please phone ahead to arrival to confirm specific arrival protocols of the customer.
  • Ensure all mandatory PPE is used / worn prior to entering premises, ie: Technician to wear a FACE MASK & DISPOSABLE GLOVES AND TO CARRY DISINFECTANT SPRAY AND DISPOSABLE CLOTHS FOR WIPING SURFACES.
  • Face Masks are to be worn in Vans where travel with another staff member is required.
  • Do not press buzzers or doorbells with your fingers or hands, use a pen or similar or call out to the person inside that you have arrived. Clean the pen (or similar) with disinfectant/wipe and dispose of into a plastic bag and seal. Wipe / disinfect your disposable gloves.
  • Please knock / ring doorbell and stand back, at least 1.5mtrs, from the entrance. See point above for instruction on knocking/ringing.
  • When the Resident opens the door, please advise the Resident that you are from HIX Group here on behalf of the MANAGING ENTITY (Anglicare, Lendlease, Stanton & Taylor) to complete the work.
  • Before entering the premises, and while still at least 1.5 m away, please ask them could they please answer a couple of questions before you enter:
    • Do they have any concerns with you entering their premises?
    • Are they, or anyone else at the premises, suffering from any flu like symptoms?
    • Have they been diagnosed with Covid-19 Virus or someone they know, including anyone at the premises diagnosed with COVID-19?
    • Have they recently been in DIRECT contact with anyone who has been diagnosed or just returned from overseas?
    • Do they believe it is safe for both themselves and you to enter the premises?
  • If the customer appears Sick OR they REFUSE ENTRY at this time, please thank them for their time and advise that you understand and will make notes in your report. NB Polite and friendly will always keep people on side. If you are refused entry by the resident, please report this immediately to the customer and to your Manager and record it on SIMPRO job note.
  • If the Resident is happy for you to enter the premises – Ask the resident if they could please move to a safe area, such as another room within the premises whilst you complete your works and that you will call them when you have finished and are ready to depart but they are not required to see you out.
  • Using disposable gloves and cloth please wipe down areas you are in contact with before AND after working and dispose of following the instruction below:
  • CORRECT DISPOSAL: Before proceeding to any other works please remove your disposable gloves by folding them in on themselves, place into a plastic bag, tie the plastic bag securely and dispose of it into a secure bin. Wash your hands, with soap and water if available or use sanitizer.

So that we meet consultation compliance, should you have any queries OR have any additional thoughts on how we can improve the above process please let us know. Please email

Approved by

Lea Hicks
Group General Manager