We are passionate about people’s safety, protection of property and the importance of compliance.

SERVICE - Our Service unit, staffed by FPAS Accredited technicians, completes all routine/programmed maintenance and repairs to ensure your compliance requirements are not only completed but reported accurately and programmed to take the pain out of the whole process.

COMPLIANCE - Our Accredited Fire Safety Assessor can ensure the services you need to ensure full compliance to Government Regulations, Australian Standards & the Building Code of Australia.

Works provided by our FPAS trained team are:

  • Installation and maintenance of
    • Emergency Warning Intercom Systems ( EWIS )
    • Fire Indicating Panels ( FIP )
    • Emergency and Exit Lights
    • Fire Doors
    • Passive fire Systems
    • Fire Sprinkler Systems
    • Fire Blankets
    • Fire Booster Pumps
    • Fire Hydrant Systems
  • Compliance
    • Building assessments carried out by Competent Fire Safety Practitioner ( CFSP )
    • Fully Compliant to Government Regulations, Australian Standards and Building Code Of Australia
    • Testing and compliance
    • Annual Fire Safety Statements
  • Design
    • We can provide alternative engineer design solution which could provide considerable cost savings
    • Hydraulic Systems
    • Exit and emergency placements
    • Emergency Warning Intercom Systems ( EWIS )
    • Heat and Smoke detection systems
    • Paths of travel

Associations & Accreditations

The Master Plumbers Association
EcoSmart Electricians
Enviro Plumber
FPAS Recognised Business

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Dean Richards - Divisional Manager – Fire Services & Certification (FSA)

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