Meet The Divisional Managers

Ian Hicks

Ian Hicks

Director, Group Operations Manager

Ian is the Managing Director, Operations and is co-owner of Hix Group, having established and operated the company based on his extensive experience as a Licensed Electrician & his range of skills & training in the trades & business management.

He loves the business and the Hix team and focuses his energy on leading our team of experienced managers to be passionate about promoting the “Hix Brand”, the high standard of services & workmanship we offer, collaborating with our clients and offering great opportunities for our team.

Lea Hicks

Lea Hicks

Group General Manager

Lea is the Group General Manager and co-owner of Hix Group, having established the business along with Ian after starting her career in Banking and Human Resource Management & Training Consultancy.

Lea’s “extended family” are the Hix Group team and her focus is not only on the success of the business but the opportunities for almost 100 families and growing that are supported by their Hix employment.

Cassandra Palmer

Cassandra Palmer

Group HR Manager

Cassandra, as our Group HR Manager, is our first point of contact for “People Management”, Employment and Training and particularly our Apprentices, so can help those looking to join the Hix Team in trades roles, apprenticeships or administration along with co-ordinating Work Experience for those considering coming into the trades industry.
Cassandra, is a valuable part of our Group Shared Services team, offering specialised Corporate support for each of our Divisions and Hix Group as a whole & championing the Company culture.

Paul, a Licensed Electrician, Solar Installer and experienced technician, leads a large team of tradespeople and apprentices in providing the highest standard of service and workmanship for our customers.

His friendly and results driven approach ensures that we get the job done on time, on budget and to the total satisfaction of the customer and makes sure that his team of qualified and experienced tradespeople aim to be the best and enjoy being a part of the team.

Steve, a Licensed Plumber & Drainer who has a long list of experience and knowledge across the Plumbing field takes customer service and getting a resolution seriously!

His team of plumbers and apprentices learn from his experience and enjoy getting to the bottom of things for a great result.

Alex and his team of Site Supervisors, Estimators, tradespeople and apprentices along with an array of experienced contractors, will always focus on the best results and collaboration with their customers to ensure the best outcome.

Alex’s wide range of experience across both maintenance and plumbing projects (having started his apprenticeship with Hix Group and moved up rapidly) allows him to work with the company’s clients to ensure there is no compromise on compliance and safety whilst also making sure his team enjoy their work and are trained & committed to the company culture.

Dean’s experience in the Fire Services Industry spans over 25 years and his focus not only includes the “attention to detail” that is required in keeping people safe in relation to Fire Services Compliance but in his people management and business skills whilst leading the Firetection Team.

A registered Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP) holding the Fire Safety Assessment Class (FSA) of multiple Fire Safety Measures is available to undertake Annual Fire Safety Assessments, BCA Audits and provide endorsement of Annual & Supplementary Fire Safety Statements.

Kane is widely experienced in the world of Civil works and is always keen to come up with a solution to anything that is not “run of the mill” or requires very specialised solutions.

His qualifications include Civil Engineering, Mechanical License and Cert 4 Building along with High Risk Licenses and an array of civil experience and he is committed to passing on these skills and experience to his team who he leads both day and night to get the best results and outcomes.

Peter Foster

Peter Foster

Group Purchasing and Warehouse Manager

Peter controls what goes in and comes out of our warehouse and all aspects of our purchasing across the business. He can even quote catalogue numbers, having had more than 35 years in purchasing and a wholesaling background prior to joining the Hix team some years back.

He quietly achieves the best price for most things and is the “go to guy” when something out of the ordinary is needed.

Mitchell, a Licensed Electrician with almost 20 years in the industry, leads our Electrical Projects Division in delivering quality, safe and environmentally friendly projects on which he and his team work closely with our clients to achieve positive and collaborative outcomes.

Mitch has a wealth of experience across a range of Commercial and Government works, the healthcare and hospital environment and education facilities and has also spent some time carrying out and supervising service work , so he has covered it all!

Our team of projects electricians and apprentices are proud of the works they deliver and their friendly but efficient approach ensures a great job every time.

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