Hix Plumbing Services - Maintenance

We are a group of clean reliable Licensed Tradespeople that will methodically diagnose a problem and provide an effective solution and repair.

So there is no lost time in locating, diagnosing and repairing your blocked or broken pipes. We can even offer “No Dig Pipe Relining” should this be needed.

Works undertaken by our Plumbing Maintenance Team include:

  • Reactive, programmed and Installation
    • 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Availability
    • Jetting and locating- Every service vehicle is fitted with a jetter and locating equipment
    • Backflow prevention Installation, testing and certification – Backflow Accredited
    • Enviroplumbing and water saving
    • Thermostatic Mixing Valve works ( warm water /anti-scalding device)
    • CCTV Sewer and storm water inspections & reporting
    • Leak Detection and location
    • Underground water leak detection and location
    • Burst pipe & sewer repairs
    • Pump repairs and installation
    • Trade waste Repairs and Renewals
    • Clearing of blocked drains
    • Latest Pipe relining installation to avoid digging ,using our specially equipped Vehicle
    • Water and Sewer location, identification & repairs
    • Hot water System Installation, repair and replacement
    • Preventive and Scheduled Maintenance
    • Pipe Rehabilitation
    • Programmed Maintenance services including water filters, gutter cleans and general servicing
    • Gas fitting & a full range of plumbing services
  • We are able to provide skilled services to
    • Property and Facility managers
    • Facility Managers
    • Strata Managers
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Retail
    • Health Facilities
    • Aged care
    • Educational Facilities
    • Hotels, Pubs and Clubs
    • Sporting and Recreational Facilities
    • Local Councils
    • Government Facilities
    • Government Stewardship partners
    • Government Joint Ventures

Preventive & Programmed Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is where we work with our clients and take active steps to keep their assets in good working order and can be cheaper than carrying out repairs after those assets block, break or fail. These works can be Programmed to occur with agreed regularity which is entered into our job logging system to be attended to systematically.

Examples of these assets are:-

  • Backflow prevention installation, service and maintenance
  • TMV Thermostatic Mixing Valve installation, service and maintenance
  • Gutter Cleaning. Hix Plumbing Services has a specially fitted Hi volume, vacuum gutter cleaning truck that sucks all the leaves & debris out of your gutters, leaving no mess. On request we can provide the client with a USB showing the condition of the gutter before and after the clean.

Hot Water

Blocked Drains

  • High pressure drain and pipe cleaning
  • CCTV camera, for the internal inspections of drains and pipes to assess their condition and identify issues of deterioration or intrusion of tree roots
  • Pipe locating to ascertain the underground geographical route of sewer and drainage pipes

Broken and Leaking Pipes

  • Water leak investigations
  • Underground leak detection. Hix Plumbing services uses the latest German designed and built electronic listening equipment that amplifies the noise of water running through and escaping from a pipe underground or under concrete floors. The plumbers that operate this equipment are Licensed, trained and certified.

No Dig pipe relining is an alternative to pipe replacement with minimal visual ground disruption. Traditional dig and replace solutions involve excavating the existing drainage system to replace a damaged pipe. This is messy, noisy and time consuming. We reline from the surface, with minimal access required. No digging, no smashing of driveways, no mess and in half the time. Why wouldn't you reline?

Associations & Accreditations

The Master Plumbers Association
Enviro Plumber
FPAS Recognised Business

Get In Touch

Steve Martin - Divisional Manager, Plumbing Maintenance Services

Please send all work requests via workorders@hix.com.au or contact our Schedulers.
Please send all TENDER requests via tenders@hix.com.au or contact our Managers or Estimators.