Water leakage can be expensive and increase your water usage bills, apart from the fact that water is a precious commodity especially recently due to our recent drought. The smallest of leak can create significant financial loss if not detected and repaired.

When a leak occurs in a pipe, the escaping water causes two kinds of noise which resonates in two different ways:

  • The water escaping directly at the leak location generates noise which is transmitted through the ground to the surface. With the aid of the ground microphone and specialised detection equipment that noise is picked up and graphically displayed as a volume and the frequency is displayed for our Plumbing Technicians to analyse.
  • Inside the pipe, the escaping water generates a pressure wave with a specific audible foot print. Our Plumbing technicians are able to analyse this leakage noise using our equipment and isolate it to a particular location.

If you are noticing water seeping from the ground or walls, a wet patch on a concrete floor or an unexplainable rise in your water bill, this could be an indicator that there might be a broken pipe underground and extensive damage may be imminent.

That is where Hix Plumbing Services comes in...

We use the latest German designed and built electronic listening equipment that amplifies the noise of water running through and escaping from a pipe underground or under concrete floors. The plumbers that operate this equipment are Licensed, trained, and certified so that they can effectively utilise the equipment and achieve an effective outcome for our clients in the locating and repairing of the water leak.

We aim to offer you the most effective and up to the minute options for the best outcomes!