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At PV Solar we don’t install Full Solar Systems... our Team of Clean Energy Council Accredited Technicians inspect, test and certify existing systems We are here to help. We don’t install and run... we test and rectify!


Unfortunately for a long time, there were a number of irreputable companies installing solar systems using unskilled and untrained workers, resulting in there being many existing solar systems that are installed using incorrect or non approved materials which are unsafe, not working, or are not performing to their full capacity delivering you the power savings that you were promised.

Fortunately,the majority of systems are Installed correctly to the Australian Standards and may have just stopped working or just require some maintenance or minor repairs to have them working more efficiently and thereby saving you dollars!


The inverters, which convert the direct current ( DC ) produced by the solar panels to an Alternating Power ( AC ) supply which is then fed into your house or factory to power up your appliances is also a weak point in your overall solar system. Similarly to the solar panels there were many disreputable companies who installed cheap non approved inverters and associated materials which were not fit for purpose and do not perform effectively- we can fix this for you!


PV Solar have a team of Accredited Solar Installers who can visit your Home, Factory or office premises to Inspect your complete solar system and provide a report so that you can make the right decision to ensure your savings going forward.

If repairs are required we will provide a quotation for those repairs.

We will get your Solar System running to the standard for which it was designed and provide a warranty for those repairs.

    • Cleaning of your roof mounted system
    • Installation of bird and rodent prevention measures under your roof mounted Panel array.
    • Installation of Battery Solutions

Associations & Accreditations

Clean Energy Council
EcoSmart Electricians
Clean Energy Council - Accredited Installer

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