Hix Plumbing Services offers an Environmentally friendly, non - invasive trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Service which, in effect, installs a new pipe inside the old existing pipe using a time hardened resin epoxy liner. This process is also known in the standards as CIPP, "Cured-In-Place Pipe"

Pipe relining to existing pipes saves property structure, landscape, the environment and your budget!

Consistently we find that most drainage issues are a direct result of incorrectly installed drainage systems or the piping systems which have been affected by external sources such as invasive tree roots.

The Process

Traditional dig and replace solutions involve excavating the existing drainage system to replace a damaged pipe. This is messy, noisy and time consuming digging through landscape, cutting up driveways and then the cost of restoration.

Pipe Rehabilitation Service

We clean the existing pipe of debris and waste using high pressure jetting and then prepare the inner surface, carry out a camera inspection to ensure viability, then from the surface we introduce a structural felt liner that is saturated with resin epoxy, the liner is then installed into position inside the existing pipe and via compressed air the liner is inflated to take shape of the host pipe. The new liner is then cured to form a hard, impregnable shell, a pipe that is as good as new. After the liner is cured another camera inspection is conducted to confirm the success of the process.

Cost Effective

Relining can seem like a big expense in the short term, but it is proven to be the most cost-effective solution long term. Once you tally up the years of emergency plumber’s fees and a dig and replace solution, you will often find relining is the cheaper option. Minimal disruption and long-term security, makes relining a no brainer & all work is carried out to Australian Standards AS/ NZS3500.2.2018 Appendix F so you can be sure it is done correctly.

  • Why Choose Hix Plumbing Services to offer these specialised services?
    • Relatively quicker than drainage repairs undertaken using large scale excavation
    • Less intrusive to landscaped and paved areas.
    • No need to remove or demolish gardens and trees.
    • Able to repair small sections or complete drainage lines in ground or above ground.
    • The system has over 30 years of proven track records in Europe and the USA and has become extremely popular and accepted by both domestic and commercial clients within Australia since introduction.
    • We use a market leading product brand and resins that have been proven to be successful over the long term and are widely used throughout the World including Australia.
    • Our technicians are extensively trained and are extremely professional.
    • New situations for the use of Pipe Relining are being discovered every day therefore the process may be suitable for your drainage problems, you just need to ask and we will determine whether it is suitable before you make decisions regarding other forms of repair. It doesn’t hurt to check first.
    • Hix Plumbing Services are Licensed plumbers and therefore can undertake all aspects of the repair including high pressure water jetting and Camera inspections so that you have all the information required to make a decision on what process is best suited to your situation.
    • Our experience spans across the domestic commercial and Industrial drainage categories, with constant training and attending courses to bring our team up to date with the latest technologies in “poo evacuation” and all other aspects of Plumbing.
    • Our plumbers offer a “No Plumbers Crack” service

Our Company takes pride in specialising in all aspects of Plumbing maintenance & service with a team that is trained and specialises in CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) or pipe relining.